Nomad Solitude

Documentary / 88 min / 2023

"Nomad Solitude" tells the story of Laurie, Linda and Kristy, who live alone in their car. Like thousands of American retirees, these three women had no choice but to part with their properties. Each fleeing a part of their past, these three reckless women criss-cross the roads in the hope of rebuilding their lives. But how can they redefine themselves when they are invisible to society? Faced with a country that has left them no place, Laurie, Linda and Kristy fight every day to continue to exist. Co-produced by Eklektik Productions, Yuzu Productions, RTBF, BETV, FRANCE TV, FWB, CNC and SCAM.

Director: Sébastien Wielemans
Cinematographer: Sébastien Wielemans & Sébastien Debuyl
Editing: Camille Cotte


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